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A few weeks in, I noticed that there are some strange quirks about living in Colorado (and Colorado Springs, specifically) that I hadn’t expected.

I’ve watched this firsthand several times, and it’s funny every time a tourist or newcomer gets an eyeful of yogurt.

I like and support our military (my Great Grandfather served in the Army, my Grandpa served in the Air Force and my Uncle served in the Marines), but, alas, I personally haven’t been in the military myself.

Which means I’m in the minority, and I’m constantly telling people behind cash registers “No, I don’t have a military I. In California, we recycled because it’s required by law.

It’s no laughing matter, obviously, but it is interesting to me that Colorado Springs would have two natural disasters that are such polar opposites—we get damage from extreme cold/water and extreme dry/fire.

…and the hailstorms are very strange: it will literally be a calm, sunny day, around 80 or 90 degrees, in late July, where you’re sweating in the dry heat, then around pm, a huge deluge of golfball-sized hail falls out of the sky, smashing windshields, denting cars, ripping leaves and flowers off of trees, and then… We live in “Colorado Springs.” That’s easy to pronounce.

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(On a side note, he’s been a great agent and helped me with my hail damages car and roof!

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