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Kim adds: “I started Kashmere Kollections just over a year ago, it’s a multimillion dollar company and we’ve got close to 200 employees.I just can’t believe how far it has come already…I’ve got a book coming out soon and I have a bathing suit line coming out for bigger busted women because I can never fit into my bathing tops!In an interview with “It is a landmark ruling which comes as a win for all those fighting for child rights, violence against children, etc.It will definitely help reduce child marriage and exploitation of young girls. Since the implementation will have to be done by the police, they should be adequately trained so that they cannot use a lacunae in the ruling for not implementing it in the right spirit.”Are you an early stage energy startup?The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that sexual intercourse with a wife between the age of 15 and 18 years is a crime.In a landmark ruling on Wednesday, India's top court amended the country's rape law and declared that sex with an underage wife illegal under India's Penal Code (IPC).I realised that life was great and it turned a very bad situation into a good one for me.

It is an attempt to spread hope and encouragement amid the negativity that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.Kim said: “This season is a really amazing one, there are many highs and definitely a low in the situation – of course there is the situation with my son Kash, being bitten by a dog, dealing with that, which was definitely very trying." [Read more: Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry video interview] As any Kim fan will know, she relies heavily on the teachings of The Secret, made famous by the book of the same name written by Rhonda Bryne, and she says this has helped her get through some very challenging times over the years.“We all have bad days but I have to remind myself to have gratitude and that you can’t expect negative thoughts will lead to a positive life."I was first introduced to The Secret over 10 years ago by a spiritual counsellor when I was pregnant with Ariana and going through an absolutely horrible divorce.I connected to this woman and she explained to me the 'Ask, Believe, Receive' model and that you are responsible for your thoughts.

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“I always say the secret to a healthy marriage is sex, sex and more sex! We make sure the kids are in bed every night by 8pm which gives us plenty of alone time.” What's next for the reality TV star?

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